The Tarlac Weekend


I had an awesome start of adventure for the new year 2015. I, together with my brothers and cousins planned a weekend getaway at Gerona, Tarlac to visit our “balikbayan” (someone who is coming back to the country) uncle who last visited the Philippines since 2006.


After a 2 1/2 hr road trip halfway to the north of Luzon from Manila, it was a warm welcome as we took lunch together. After that, it was always a fun routine for us to get out of their house and explore the farm, it was a nice thought that it feels like it’s their own big backyard of greenery. Of course, we took photos and goof around!


It was so nice to feel the breeze of the province and everything seem laid-back. My cousins and I couldn’t hardly wait to explore the fun places there. So we immediately ran to this popular spot in Gerona; The Isdaan, a seafood restaurant where there is this authentic Asian feel because of the buddhas and other sculptures. There is definitely a Buddhist vibe where you can somehow feel like it is Bangkok.




A group photo of us, the rest of my cousins that day. it may already seem like a crowd but we were only 1/8 of the entire family tree. My mom has 8 siblings and imagine each of them having 3-5 offsprings. That would give me a pack of cousins!

Isdaan also has this unique place that I can call the “Anger Wall”, the concept is to release all your angst and smash things on the walls. You will find different writings on the wall which may refer to whoever or whatever brought you that mad feeling. Then they sell some fragile items starting from P20 which you can throw and shout “Tacsiyapo!”, which I learned to mean “Shame on you!” in English. I tried it for fun but no personal grudges held..hahah. It can definitely be a stress relief haven for some people.


My cousins mentioned about the kart racing park that opened recently in Tarlac City, a 30min jeepney ride from the town of Gerona. That made me even more excited! It’s a place for speed-demons, beginners and racers alike. I didn’t know there is a place like this in the half of the north of Luzon. Racing for 5mins costs for P200, I’m not sure if that would be a value for money for others, but personally, I can’t be too picky for that day, this was the adventure of the moment for the rest of us.



Sure, the park is legit enough and coming here would definitely bring enjoyment to all.


It was optional to wear suits but all of us grabbed each to sport ourselves. just for drama..hahaha.

It was a great way to spend the weekend with my cousins and definitely an awesome experience for me..  Later that night we head back to the house for an all-night consumption of booze! ! !

Meanwhile, here’s a 5min video of our entire Tarlac getaway. (ALERT: I have a crazy family.)Thanks for the read!


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