National Bicycle Day


Hey guys.. It’s been a pleasure to take part on this historical event for the country, the first National Bicycle Day.

Like all of the city mass rides, this event aims for awareness. And this one is to create a bicycle-friendly Philippines. Yes, there is an evident growth of cyclists in the country compare to the past decades; but still the general mass (non-biking community) is still not properly mindful that biking in general has a big contribution to everyday life, specially in terms of the traffic situation of the country. A call to recruit more bike-commuters and provision for bike lanes on major roads are just some of the campaigns that this event is aiming for.

Assembly was 5:30 AM in Tiendesitas, Pasig and the ride is taking the south route of Manila starting from Pasig then Taguig – Paranaque – Muntinlupa – Las Pinas – Pasay – Makati – Mandaluyong and then back to Tiendesitas. Entire route is a total of 56.36kms and averaging with a speed of 14kph; this for sure was a fun ride!

It was joined by thousands of riders. This event was also simultaneously held in the north part of Manila then Pampanga, Iloilo and Davao to heavily create a shout out nationwide.

I have all these photos to share with you guys.


A sea of bikers were excited to hear to go signal at the starting point in Tiendesitas.


Everybody is on their game faces.


Riders tackling C5.


Today we started a revolution.


Fashion Model/Celebrity Hideo Muraoka (right) was joined by his friends George (left) and Nicolas (middle). Hideo is also a blogger at

Isn’t it awesome to see these guys from Brazil participating in this event for our country? Actor Benjamin Alves and Micah from the show Please Be Careful With My Heart was also there to ride among the crowd. Hey..all is equal, you know!


Sport brand Spyder, being always supportive to such event was present in their mobile truck and it was a favorite photo opportunity spot during that day.


Riders were back in Tiendesitas during noon and some attended the program inside the Food Village. There were really good bike stuff given away in the raffle.


I was joined by my cousin Jimbo too. (I made myself too tanned in the editing..duh!)

The experience for me was quite an accomplishment. I believe that someday, the Philippines can be just like some of the European countries that embrace the bicycle culture as a daily alternative to an effective transportation. Aside from the obvious health benefits that biking does to the rider, nothing beats the advantage of a free travel. Thanks for the read guys..Feels good to be back in my blog!


I wonder where my next adventure will be!

Check out National Bicycle Day FB page for more info -> click here


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