The Wawa Dam Nature Trip


Yeheey! The day was March 03, 2014, when I set foot again in Wawa Dam after ten years! The last time I remember was when I, together with some collegemates, had an outreach program here as part of our subject. A decade had passed and couple of things definitely changed—more population! Fortunately the people and government kept the serenity of the place.

Wawa Dam (also known as Montalban Dam) is a gravity dam located in the municipality of Rodriguez, in Rizal Province. I learned that it was built in 1909 during the American colonial era. And was the primary source of water in Metro Manila; until it was abandoned after Angat Dam was built. The site serves today as one of the town’s heritage parks, as well as a tourist spot during the summer. It is also considered as one of the next popular destinations of bikers from the metro.


I was with my office colleagues again, Jp, Bert and Karyl. But this time, I tagged my cousin Jimbo along to have his first nature trip with his newly purchased MTB. Original plan was a trail ride again in Timberland Sports and Nature Club. But we agreed to take it some kilometers farther from our meeting place in Marikina Sports Center.

It is an approximate of 20km road biking distance from Marikina to Wawa Dam. This was an hour and 30 min biking and I admit there were dead moments on the road..LOL.. It was a long pedal across the urban side of San Mateo going to Montalban. Only adventure during the road ride was the vehicle speed battles..(of course, extra precaution were in my attention).

Upon our arrival, you’d here our personal “squeals” as we cannot contain the excitement in our veins while we witnessed more and more magnificent views.

19aOne of my favorite sceneries in this exploration was this walkway, the railings they constructed along the mountain side gorge is so picturesque. It’s as if this is where you can touch and be one with the mountain in all its glory.

15As you may notice, the walkway is only a couple of meters wide and at the right side is the mountain edge, as seen from the rocky wall. The gorge is just simply spectacular, notice how you can look straight down and see the limestones some 20- 30feet below.


From a distance you’ll see this waterfalls from a cave facing the river below.. I was thinking this looks like the V-part of the mountain..hahahaha.



Popular legend tells about a very strong giant man named Bernardo Carpio who once caused earthquake, as he was trying to push the mountains apart. Different versions vary among the locals but it all roots down to this strong male character.



I’ve also learned from a mystery- documentary before about some alleged giant footprints to be seen among the rock formations in the river.. I thought it was kinda cool!


Going back, this is the iron bridge constructed at the end of the walkway that leads closer to the falls of the dam.

5And just behold of how breath-taking this photo is, looking at it makes me hear an Enya song in the back of my ears..


Below the falls are huts or cottages where you can find people having good times chilling out or bathing. There are rented karaokes too, so occasionally you’d hear merry making people echoing thru the mountains.



I deserve to have a good old selfie…


and another photo with my cousin Jimbo.

We biked a little farther to check what lies at the behind the horizon, and these were just some of the views that stunned us.



we felt like astronauts who just landed on the moon.


14JP and Jimbo couldn’t resist the urge to swim, I myself just dipped, but it’s all good. Next thing we did was endless picture taking.

23And if you are a biker and you seem to get a little curious to come here too; the only downside is that, when you already reach this place, you cannot bike with that much needed speed that you are looking for when you are in a trail. Reason is; this is basically a residential area, people around this park are living with their families along with the livelihood (you can encounter people transporting and carrying sacks of whatever is inside or some pile of woods). And the walkways I’ve shown you are the only flat paths to use in order for them to get to the main roads, add up to that the other crowd of bikers that come here too. Most of the time we just pushed our bikes to come to the riversides.

So this is basically a “destination” and not a training ground. You come here as the end of the long ride, to chill, eat and swim. There is where you appreciate nature and just chill along the river. If you want to bike the  trails or the downhills, there are routes exiting this place. But definitely this place is meant for relaxation.       21a

And as added coolness for my blog entry.. here is one video presentation I made for you. I hope it will have the same effect on you..relaxing!

(again, as reminder, youtube automatically sets it to a smaller resolution, be hard headed and choose a better quality in the settings)

Definitely a time to wander.. Thanks for the read.


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