The Republ1c Wakepark Experience



It was only few years back when this sport finally came to our country. Soon as I learned the first wakepark being constructed in Naga, Camarines Sur; I knew I should get my ass stumbling on those waters. I had my first experience wakeboarding in 2011 and I also blogged about it (check here).

I have loved this activity since then; I always see watersport enthusiasts (surfers, wakeboarders, swimmers, etc) as cool and energetic people so I wanted to experience being like them, even just for a day. Looking at their gear, get-up and the aura — damn!..they are so aspirational!


And then, like a wish from a fairy, sprouted REPUBL1C WAKEPARK situated in Sta.Rosa, Laguna, just more than an hour away my place. That is if you go out on a Sunday, taking out the heavy traffic time. But still, this place is the best place to wakeboard if we talk about location. Camarines Watersport Complex is an 8-12hr road trip from Manila. It’s way cheaper too because you don’t need accommodation. Just get the hell back home when you need to…lol.. I have nothing against CWC, i love it too but as I said, we are talking about location..geographics maaaann!

I’ve been in Republ1c Wakepark once in 2013 while we were in Nuvali for a running event; since then it was a pact made by me and my adventure buddies Francis and Karyl, to be back here whenever our urges attack. Biking has been our preoccupation for some time that’s why it was only this February 16, 2014, when we finally fulfilled this plan.


So there goes my 2nd time wakeboarding! Of course, we settled for the beginners’ lake to try our luck reaching a distance while standing on a board. It was never my plan going to the main lake yet, where the pros jump and fly. Aside from being scary, it’s untimely and I don’t want spectators see my failures..hahah.

Together with us, are some of the novice enthusiasts wanting the same experience as well.. I had to refresh my memory and asked for additional techniques from their mentors at the lake.

3And yes! There you see, after some attempts, I managed to stand on the board. It was only few seconds till I stumble, but for me its already like touching the face of God..hahah!

And I must admit, it’s really a coordination of the entire mind, body and balance to get this shots of fame, and it’s way harder than expected. And I made it! ! !…so I was the man for that moment! hahah!

It was euphoria when I fell on the waters after standing on the board, and I can’t wait to take my turn over and over again! ! ! I felt like a little kid trying to achieve new things! And it made me really happy.

I’m seeing myself coming here more often after this.. Actually just by writing about it already spikes up my adrenaline.

20140216_121830This is surely an awesome way to kick start the summer of 2014.

And here’s a photo of the three of us (Francis and Karyl) manifesting signs of heavenly bliss (haha) for having the fulfillment of this wakeboarding experience. (Francis is also a blogger at IMG_7678

20140216_121951This pose is apparently becoming  a signature of mine..I automatically do this whenever i feel proud or happy of a certain place.. Thanks for the read guys!

If you are curious for some more info about Republ1c Wakepark’s rates, map, facility and etc, just click on this link -> (I got all the answers to your questions honey!) I’m lazy to talk about those things, so I let their people do the marketing..hahah..

And yes.. THE END OF THE ENTRY. Play the video and sorry for being a bit hyper in some scenes…


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