Blue Zone


I’ve been hearing a lot about Blue Zone in Timberland Trails and how awesome it is to take its adventurous trails. It was the Sunday of January 31, and my first ride for the year 2014, when my office collagues had the chance to set this quest.

And yes, it was indeed one hell of a ride after we have experienced the single tracks, elevation and downhill of one of the tracks in Timberland.  I am done with  the beginners’ trail Green Zone, and I’m proud to level up! LOL..

We again brought our GoPro and digital cameras to document our ride and I edited it into a feel good music video. I hope you love this one. Video plays at the end of the entry, some photos I wanna show you first.. 🙂


We took the uphill ride thru Brgy Ampid, a shorter but more elevated route.


My office colleagues and bike mates for the day: JP, Richard and Bert



Just check out that fun downhill path at the background.


@Bikers Cafe.


I just love being one with nature along with my bike.

And Guys.. behold the wonderful clips I edited:

(But hey..I hate that youtube automatically sets the vid in a low resolution, so just click on the setting and choose a better quality..)


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