Just Another Adventure Weekend


As the title of this post was saying, it was just another funday biking the mountains last December 28, 2013. I was with two of my office colleagues, Jp and Bert, who are fond of biking as well.

We planned nothing big this day, we just wanted to give Bert his rites of passage,as he had just purchased  his own MTB. And we also wanted to try our GoPro camera for some selfies and video clips. We chose San Mateo’ s mountainous range; because this place already became my training ground; and also the most accessible for the three of us.

Ain’t talking more about San Mateo’s wonders because this is not the first time I featured it in my post. (check ’em here )(and here) . Just behold on few of the photos we took along the way. I’m telling you, being in the mountains will really give you that feeling of being high (oh well-literally). hahah.

We prioritized taking clips and I eventually edited them out into a 1min music video. (video plays at the end of the entry)


You can never get rid of the moments of struggle. It wouldn’t be challenging without it..right?



with office colleagues: Bert (left) and JP(right), he places in competitions.


It was like Wonderland when I saw this heart-shape tree.


And this thing I rather call the MONEY TREE..


And I always give my handsome bike, Falcor, his moment of fame.


Spyder – our official gear! Follow them on instagram – @teamspyderph.. Sorry but I have to brag you my eyewear NIXON, it’s the selling hotcake among their latest collection.


And yeah..the monumental Suman and Latik at the Bikers’ Cafe..

8Here’s the video that I have been dying to show you, It was a montage of all the clips summed up into a 1min music video. (yeah I contemplated to just shorten the entire ride, most of the clips just show our butts..LOL)


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