Harry Up

FEATURE IMAGEBut first! Don’t ever tease me yet! I’m not a die hard Directioner..yeah I admit I listen some of their songs and their videos take me back to the boyband days of the 90’s..but still I’m not a die-hard Directioner! LOL

Anyways..I just thought it was time to flaunt to my readers my new look, specially the hair! I swear I love it so much! I’m not naturally curly so kudos to Salon de Mayo.

Honestly, I was inspired by this Brazilian Supermodel Marlon Teixeira. I envied so much of these big, curly, intentionally unorganized hairdos from Latin male models, that I knew I should have it myself.


There was a turning point in my life that I realized that I unconsciously changed a lot ever since I got separated. One of that is thru my appearance, I want people to see me differently after those times. So I moved on from the clean look to the rugged one. Ironically! people just can’t seem to understand that, and still see me as this neat quirky guy, and still had the guts to tease me for following Harry Styles!

But that’s no big deal..LOL. That’s why I did this post is to just give people what they want, and it doesn’t affect me..after all Harry also has that badass character and styling.. right?

Anyway..I figured out I needed to smile a lot on this set of photos because every element in the picture dictated me to do so.. I seldom give full smile on photos, I’m not a fan of my own smile..LOL.

Also, it was time to flaunt my uber-dope Blazer and Long Sleeves from Switch Nation. (curious about it? read here.)

So there it is, behold.. haha..


56 2





But seriously, I hope you like this look and my post. Thanks for the read. Sorry for the vanity.. F*ck it! You’re in NARCISSUSchronicles..remember?



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