Timberland Trails

7October 28, 2013 was when my high school mates; who have been planning a ride for ages, have finally made it to reality. This time I was with Rommel, Jeffrey and Michael. It was a spontaneous planning the day before just for us to make it happen.


At my back from left to right: Jeffrey, Michael and Rommel

I’ve written about San Mateo trails before and how it was dubbed as the mountain biking capital of the Philippines. (blog entry here) And that’s why we chose this as our location for this ride reunion..plus it’s just 30-45min biking time away from our place.

It was an approximate 35-40km ride from Pasig to San Mateo (including our route going back). We started riding in Sta.Lucia Mall in Marcos Highway then headed to Marikina Heights, Monterrey Hills and then the trails going to Timberland, I wasn’t the leader of the pact so I was a little unfamiliar of the landmarks.



(Jurassic Park Instrumentals play in the background)


Above is this one particular trail that bikers choose to walk the bike rather than ride with. Yeah, you’d think it’s kinda lame but we better choose safety than the extremes, but only on this part of the trail..LOL. As you can see,  cavities are of majority and most have deep excavations on two sides of the trail.  Imagine struggling vertically on that rough and steep road and accidentally losing balance then falling on the excavation then straight to the foot of the mountain..that’s gonna be ugly… hahah!

After that trail, we were back on our butts and pedalled more distance..It was my first time reaching this deep at these trails and I was amazed seeing these pine trees! It was a little cold on this area, signifying that we already are in a high peak.



Im just so proud of Falcor (my bike..LOL).. still never fails me whenever i ride out.


Upon reaching some high point, we came across this resting spot built specially for riders. This is where we had our sugar break, and of course, photo opportunity.




It’s like a matter of life’s choice, it’s either you take the smooth path or go to the adventurous one.

And yeah, I’m gonna share you some little funny mishap when I got lost on this road. My company left me behind after taking selfies and photos! Below is the last shot before they were gone. hahah. I tried to chase them but they were unsighted after a dead end, i kinda panicked a bit because there was no signal. I went back to the road and checked if I missed an intersection, but it was a clear straight path. Good thing Jeffrey came back minutes after and found me again. He showed me a gate that they have entered in that leads to a single tracked lush trail; which i didn’t notice because that gate was all grassy, unmaintained and kinda like the ones you see on a set of The Walking Dead.  Next time, better be screaming that you’d take a photo first..hahah…Lesson well learned!

You can’t blame me for wanting to capture this amazing composition with pine trees and perspective of the bikers.


8Let me mention that biking is really a fast growing sport and hobby, I can see the evidence firsthand, because there are also a number of my schoolmates back in OLPHS that are keeping in touch with me to go for a ride. Biking definitely made me connected with my high school mates again!


I learned that we took the trail the bikers call as the GREEN ZONE. This is just a signage of the Blue Zone where there is a river as part of the trail, and that’s definitely our next destination!

Thanks for reading..See you again on my next conquer!


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