Trick or Treats!

Halloween, is second to my favorite holidays of the year next to Christmas. It’s the time when fear is turned into fun!  Right?

When I was a kid, the scare season was very well anticipated. It’s been a favorite among me and my friends to watch special programs for ghost stories and the paranormal. And yeah, I really enjoyed watching it though I really felt scared back then. It’s when you believe, freak out and enjoy at the same time.

Trick or treats here in the Philippines wasn’t really that celebrated among the parents back in the 90’s. In my opinion, only the rich kids experienced this kind of festivities; I have no childhood memories of this global tradition being practiced anywhere here actually. Trick or treating is something from the western culture that the Filipinos just lately adapted. Or also maybe my parents weren’t really that keen into spending costumes for me and my two siblings back in the days..LOL.. And that is my biggest frustration of all! I never had the chance to wear some of the freakiest and badass costumes! ! !

And now that I’m a dad of a toddler, I knew I had to get over the frustration and just give my kid the best halloween experience of her childhood. Soon as October kicks in, we get ahead of what she will be wearing. Just so for the day of the Halloween, I’d feel like a kid too, seeing her joyously receiving treats in her costumes with all the other kids around. And of course I want her to look best among the rest! (as they say..)

In this post, I’ll show you the first 4 years of Yana enjoying this special part of being a kid. And I hope you enjoy this entry as I was in the mood of laying out the photos with cute elements! Happy Halloween!



2In case you are wondering, we dressed her as Baby Gaga. We just didn’t nail it quite well because her hair was short then; and we wanted still to make it baby-ish and not too Lady gaga.


3 4

I was too indecisive to pick a good costume so I just bought two! A proper looking Snow-White that fitted her well because the hair was perfect that time. And as little Supergirl because when I was two, my mom used to dress me as the Christopher Reeve Superman, feels kinda awkward nowadays as I look back; she made me wear that in random days aside from my birthday. I have a photo of that side by side with my daughter. (click here)


5 6

2012 was the year of The Avengers, I kinda fancied on Thor and he was my favorite. Among all of them he is the only one who owns it all, a prince, a god, an innate power and a dope weapon; not to mention that fatal physique that every vain man is dying to possess… LOL. So for a moment I wished to live as Thor, and I learned that in the Marvel’s animated film; The Next Avengers, he has a daughter named Torunn (for the skeptics click here). Need I explain more? lol..


7 8

And this year, it was her time to rock the looks of the Anne-Hathaway-Catwoman in the movie; The Dark Knight Rises. I’m feeling so proud that this costume perfectly fits her advanced physique; she’s just turning four this November but already has a towering height. Good thing she inherited her mom’s proportion (mom’s height is 5’9″ just as tall as me, but of course her pretty face only comes from my genes,,LOL).

I found this costume online and purchased via meetup.  Perfect! I knew there would no other kid wearing the same costume. My daughter loves it so much that as soon as we got the item, she wore it on our way home. And this year, she already is accompanied by her cousin, my brother Alex’s 1 year old son in his Captain America costume. I was insistent of telling him to buy a Batman costume but he is never a fan of the Dark

So there you go..I hope you enjoyed our Trick or Treats experience.



2 thoughts on “Trick or Treats!

  1. Halloween has always been an extravaganza for my family. My parents were married on Halloween and therefore you could say we go ‘all out.’ We grow our own pumpkins in our garden and meticulously carve cats and other Halloween related shapes into them. Our house gets decorated with flashing lights and motion censored ghosts and witches that talk when you walk bye. My parents give out the best candy on the street; full sized candy bars and oversized bags of gummy worms. When my brother and I were little we were always the best dressed. My mom would make us pair costumes such as Mickey and Minnie. Looking back at the pictures is always a lot of fun. Halloween is more than just a Hallmark holiday for my family, it is a day that brings us together and allows us to make memories that will last a lifetime.

    • I envy you for those memories..i just feel unhappy that halloween was celebrated differently here in my childhood..we pinoys go to tribute and give prayers to our departed loved its kinda less of an extravaganza..but nevertheless bring families together as well.

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