Another Day at Kodanda


So yeah, I had the chance to visit Kodanda Archery Range again in Makati Cinema Square last Sunday, Sept 29. This time, I came in with three of my friends Mike (the wingman who brought me here before), Alex and Glove.

We actually planned to drop by at this place as often as we can, but apparently, schedule issues are always the issue… Anyway, Mike has been telling me to upgrade my skill and use that particular bow with 30lb pressure. It is advanced and harder to pull, and does have more precision when hitting the target.


Being the curious kid, that was the first bow I picked and used, ironically I had a hard time adjusting to it. Pulling the string required a lot of strength and keeping your eye on the target is really challenging. My shoulder was soon shaking from pulling and focusing on the target. It was really funny when the arrows would literally go everywhere!  But it was only in the beginning and I managed to keep up and adjust with the bow’s requirement on the stance, focus and timing. I honestly never made a single hit on the yellow circles using the advanced 30lb pressure bow, LOL.. I didn’t wanna get frustrated so I decided to switch back to the basic bows. (sorry for the terms, I barely know the exact jargons they use in archery yet. 🙂 )  Then soon as I get a hold of  the more comfortable bow for me, these two shots below definitely saved my 1hr session from frustrations.

3I almost thought it would be a bad day but I was really thankful I achieve those shots, I may not hit the bullseye like my first visit, but this definitely made me happy. The photo at the above-left by the way, was just to show you how I was amazed by those two arrows hitting almost the same spot…someday that spot would be the bullseye!


I gave Mike his “Pogi-Photo”.



My archer friends (LOL) from left to right: Mike Berghell, Glove Paguio and Alex Anselmuccio

 It was another Sunday Funday for me, I’d like to thank all the staff at Kodanda for being so welcoming and also to my friends that made this experience more enjoyable. We then headed for a bowling session just also around Makati Cinema Square.

This is actually my second post about this, and if you feel like you get interested with trying archery at Kodanda, more info are in my first post.. -> click here


5 thoughts on “Another Day at Kodanda

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