The Sneaker Apocalypse

Great concept and art direction always give me that mood to create some of my signature artworks. It was quite a long time since I have posted some layouts that I do for FHM model, Paloma Esmeria. And this one surely brought me to the highest level of creativity due to the great materials from the photographer and model.

Do i need to mention about how clean and meticulously finished the shots are by Niko Villegas? LOL, lightings are amazing and the jumpshots are superb. Paloma (acting as my art director in this collaboration) gave her best shots which inspired me to give justice to this set of layouts. So here goes.



1 edit



2 edit



3 editRAW:



4 edit


Nikko Villegas Photography/ Edge of Lights Studios

Paloma Esmeria /

and the unsung people behind this production.


I don’t claim these photos as my own, I respectfully give my compliments to the people mentioned above for a job well done.


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