Paloma Esmeria is Back to the Future

Every one of us made this movie a part of our childhood..right? We were all amazed by the flying car, great gadgets and that story about traveling through time. So on this set, I enjoyed photoshopping Paloma’s photos because she showcased this Nike Back to the Future Shoes: Marty McFly.

This is such an amazing collaboration between me and Paloma as she was my art director on these layouts.







In this version of the layout; I chose to give this photo an 80’s feel to it when it comes to the color, saturation and contrast, just to add up to the feel of a sort of vintage movie poster.


Nikko Villegas Photography/ Edge of Lights Studios

Paloma Esmeria /

and the unsung people behind this production.


I don’t claim these photos as my own, I respectfully give my compliments to the people mentioned above for a job well done.


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