The After-Sport Garb

I’m sure each of us had chosen a particular sport activity to cling on to. May it be as part of our leisure, passion and even profession, for sure these activities give us that sense of adventure. At the advent of Fun Runs, Triathlon and Biking Events in the country, living a healthy lifestyle is indeed a fast blooming trend. Even fitness gyms sprouted like mushrooms everywhere.

In this post, I just might wanna show you how one can look properly hyped up after some sports activities. How do you look after you have engaged yourself in your most beloved sport activity? Here’s probably mine after some game or a workout in a gym.


5I got this special shoelaces from Lock Lace, a mechanism which gives a snug fit for your shoe, at the same time won’t make you worry about the excess length of the lace. It is also aesthetically finished with reflector panels along the elastic string that would give you added feature, extra edge and will definitely accentuate your shoe.

And talking about the shoe, I’m wearing this cool running shoe from New Balance (Php 3,000-3,500) with structured mesh fabric for ventilation. It’s nice that you would actually feel the air coming in as you would just simply walk. Colors are great because this is my usual palette of colors for my cycling jerseys and MTB shirts.

4My conceited (LOL) graphic tee is from American Blvd (Php 400-450) and my vest (Php400) is something I picked from the massive great stuff from Surplus Shop . A denim snapback cap from Oxygen (Php250- Php300) completed that “after-shower-lazy-combing” look. My white denim from Bench (Php900-1000) tamed all the colors and just added to that bright feel. Got this dope bag from Kali Protectives, a brand for speed demons that love motorcycles, cycling and skiing. That bag is actually a helmet bag and I turned it into a gym bag because of the proper storage and badass look.


7Thanks guys for the read, take note that it always feel good physically and mentally after your favored sport activity, so you just might make the most out of the goodness by looking good too!



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