The Nuvali Ride


Last July 20, 2013; another biking destination, which was long anticipated was fulfilled. This time it was in Nuvali at Sta.Rosa, Laguna; a 30-45 min drive from Makati, this developing land is the next haven for bike enthusiasts in the country. I was with my company’s internal group, but 5 of us tagged along with Bike PH to try the trails; the others went on easy riding along the road just around Nuvali’s main streets. We were excited because we heard that the trail was adventurous with amazing views along the way.


with the rest of my group.

Starting from Nuvali’s clubhouse, it was a 3-4km smooth biking at the road. This is where you get to witness a lot of bikers, runners, and triathletes train their physique. And it was indeed a sight to bedazzle as you see the gathering of different people with the same interest.



After some 20-30 minute biking, the trail started as we turned right to the Bird Sanctuary. I didn’t see any unique feathered creature around, but their presence was felt because of their loud and harmonious chirps that would give you that happy vibe.



Soon, after another 0.5km, what beheld to our sight was this popular stopover among bikers, the Gazebo. It was a good photo-op for all of us.





We pedal some 3-4km distance more, and in the middle of nowhere; I didn’t expect that there would be a sort of sari-sari store somewhere that sells refreshment and food. We took a 30 min break there where I had the chance to replenish my thirst and taken in some needed potassium from a 2-pc banana.


It was at first an easy track until I encountered the muddy trail as we go deeper into the woods.

1And I must admit, I got my first experience falling out of my bike. It was when I was eagerly pedalling across the mud when my wheel got stuck (not realizing it was deep) and i couldn’t move forward no matter how hard i kick! So instead of me kissing the mud in front of me, i chose to jump off from my bike sideways. I didn’t care about the mud ruining my guise that day, but being the media-guy that I am, I have with me some gadgets for documentation that I should take care of. F&*k that S#i%! LOL


This was just one of the lush tracks that we encountered.

At the tail of the woods, we found this interesting bridge that needs a careful crossing due to its structure. It can only carry one biker at a time because the woods that served as the basic pillars were not in good condition anymore. It was still picturesque though.



EJ from Bike PH while carefully guiding each of the bikers as they cross the bridge.

It wasn’t long til we reached this place popularly called New Zealand by the bikers of the area. It was a vast field of grass with cows taking the place as their habitat.




After this greenery was a route leading to the flat roads going to the outskirts of Nuvali, we then pedalled for another 15-20 min to get ourselves back to the clubhouse and meet the others in our group. We started around 8am and ended around 1pm.. quite a time right? 🙂

Overall this was one-heck of an adventure for my team.   We are getting addicted to the outdoors; with all the dirt , mud, and the carelessness of being filthy for a day that definitely add up to the extremes of this type of sport… It was indeed amazing!.


We were still neat on this shot, we took this before we head over the trails

BTW, i felt like I was too lazy writing about this post that I lack some other info that you might need about biking in Nuvali, so I’mma give the floor to my blog buddy @franventures for a more technical and detailed post about the trails.

Here’s a short video , where I put all my efforts riding and taking clips at the same time..LOL

Thanks to the group at Bike PH who eagerly toured us at this another adventurous spot. You can reach them out at their FB page for bookings of their next bike tours.>

See you on my next adventure!

Gear of the Day by Spyder Philippines:

Helmet: Grip

Eyewear: Wanted

Jersey: Recharge

Armsleeves: Spyder Aerosleeves

My shorts is kind of dope as well so it deserves a mention:

MTB Shorts: Kanaway/ 8A Outdoor Shop


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