#tbt – Throwback Taipei (Day 2)


Alright, second day! The morning when I have to breathe-in the cold breeze of Taipei. Soon I quickly fixed myself up for the last day at the expo, this time we only attended half day of it.



These taiwanese know how to dress up really well. (I hate that I wasn’t prepared for this..lol)

Then soon, my companions wanted to take another tour around the city. The day before was quite all work, we only had the chance to take a stroll for dinner. We took this chance to make the most of our stay.


This shot remind me of a Karate Kid movie.


Bicycles are common mode of transportation here, I think this line is a sort of public bicycles open for rent or something.


Been inside one of the helmet shops, look at how cute they purposely designed them.


Some common stores and houses I’ve captured along the road.


..and of course, the famous Taipei 101 in all its glory.


We went inside Taipei 101 and we only reached till 5th floor. Getting to the roof deck costs a little expensive Taiwan dollar. But being inside was already a great deal for me, just look at the massive architecture.


We took our lunch inside this building.. this lady who served us, is a Taiwanese-Filipino, and knows how to speak fluent Tagalog. Good thing we had no trouble choosing what to eat; she eagerly described every meal.



A korean meal was served! Look at those veggies.. i can still remember on my tastebuds how good they really were. Each of us got this big metal plate to finish.


and of course.. the little cute things!



This was how we spent noon till dusk, walk around, shop for gadgets(my bosses did), took photos and just had a good time.


I call this the David Blaine shot.


I just love the lights in this photo..

After being tired of touring the city, we ate at this random restaurant that serves food that let’s you cook some soup right in front of you. There’s a built-in stove inside your table; they give you raw ingredients and they will just let you cook the food to your heart’s content. Last meal in Taipei.. gotta make it right!


The “how-the-hell-am-i-gonna-eat-this” photo!

We had a hard time dealing with this meal at first.. we cant barely read the menu and some waiters are not that well in speaking English (not being bad here though). It’s a blessing that there was this Taiwanese guy that speaks in English at the table next to us, he was also instructing another group of tourist on how to cook the meal. We called him and willingly helped us too.

Soon we head back to Seasons Hotel for my bosses to rest and prepare for the early morning flight. Me and my officemate took off again for a quick shopping opportunity at Shilin Night Market. We were agitated because we were left on our own! It was the thrill of getting lost in a foreign land that gave me the excitement!


Shilin Night Market has the setting that are much like the markets in Manila, so it wasn’t really hard for us to deal with the place. I took home some good stuff for my daughter, family and friends.


Funny how evident this “role-playing costumes” are. And they were all over the place! KINKY!!!

22They say time flies so fast when you’re having a good time and it was indeed! It was such a short time but was packed with precious memories, and experiences too.


My “day-off” photo…LOL

Thanks for reading my long post though, i tried to keep it in a narrative/storybook-ish format so it would be fun reading it. See you guys again!


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