#tbt – Throwback Taipei (Day 1)

It’s Thursday today and I couldn’t get enough of throwback photos; they just give us that amazing feeling of the days that have passed. They say we should leave the past behind and live for the present but hey,  we always have this thoughts of the good days from yesterday, right? So we still have to treasure these life experiences because they brought us up of who we are today.


Anyway, I had the chance to visit Taipei last March 2011 for a business trip, and I thought of posting them because  I recalled that I took good landscapes and city scenes of this capital of Taiwan.

Having visited one Asian capital is truly memorable for me, so here goes; this is kind of a long post coz’ as I told you, I just couldn’t get enough of a good throwback.


Seasons Hotel opened their doors for us as our accomodation.



First day was a whole day trip to a certain expo related to my job, it was a nice experience seeing and learning how suppliers and buyers coexist and do their business.

I am not gonna elaborate too much on the business trip we had because it was all blurred memories already, and I’m not allowed to disclose anything from this event we attended (bummer..right?!?!). Anyway, after that my 2 bosses, another officemate and I took a stroll around uptown Taipei! !



It was a little colder than expected… This shop reminds me of some Ukay-Ukay (Thrift Shop) around Manila.


I enjoyed getting night photography of the vicinity, my companions always walk faster and i get left behind as i was always busy on the camera.


we had a good taste of this sort-of-“dumplings” topped by shredded ginger. (as far as I remember)


We took dinner at this popular restaurant for this type of food. Sorry guys, I’m not keen in defining and describing food so just get pleased by the photo composition..lol!


After taking some stroll along the urban side of Taipei, we took off to this popular spot in Taipei, the Shilin Night Market. This is often considered to be the largest and most famous night market in the city, where you’d find everything from clothing, personal and household stuff, electronic gadgets and food!



During this time I wasn’t really a fan of hats and caps, I regretted not buying from this pile.


Merchandise are not only sold along sidewalks, but there are a lot of “legit” boutiques and shops as well.


Also encountered these cool graphic tees, this I am a fan ever since!


Street food will always be present in any Asian culture, look at how creative they want you to eat this pieces of eggs.


…and seriously?!?!?! – FROG EGGS!


It’s not what you think guys, they are a size of a keychain! LOL.

 My eyes were fed by the amazing views, citylights and pure amazement of the urban setting in Taipei. This was indeed a tiring day but we still got another day to fulfill. Next post for DAY 2 coming in!



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