“He who has a bow” – The Kodanda Experience


We always had this experience of playing with bow and arrow toys as kids; I grew up with the concept of this weaponry as I watched Robinhood, and some Sentai and Anime. And as an adult, there’s  still a kid in me that always want to play and discover.. (who would’nt  want to feel like being Green Arrow or Hawkeye for a day, right?!)

My great buddy Mike Berghell, planned to tag me along with him after he discovered this newly opened venue named Kodanda Archery Range. I already learned that there is this restaurant just around Ortigas Center (which is a lot nearer my place) that has archery range as well; but I never really had the chance to try, because no one else among my colleagues is too keen in trying this sport. So it was much to my excitement when I learned that one of my best pals is into archery recently.


The place was called Kodanda after the Sanskrit literature which means “He who has a bow”. The great Rama is known in Hinduism as the Lord of Virtue, and having the great bow as his great companion, he helped his master and king send countless evil men to their deaths…Cool concept  isn’t it!


Photo grabbed from Kodanda FB page

This archery range is located at : FB-D3A Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces Ave., Makati. Only opened this month (July), the shooting range is still fresh for customers and offers a variety of distance in 5m, 8m and 10.5m. The place is “legit” enough that not only adults can play but kids as well.  Just be conscious on your trials because there will be a lot of spectators from the windows outside..lol!  Equipment are nice and would add to the adrenaline rush while the staff help you put them on. It would cost you Php500 for an hour trial but sure it’s worth for the experience!

3 2


I first tried the 8m distance while I was being instructed by their friendly staff. And I should really be proud of this; I hit the bullseye in my first set of arrows, it wasn’t long till I got that ARROWGASM!


That moment when i literally SPAZZED OUT! (notice how my first four arrows created a path till i reach the yellow circle…waaaaahhh!–continues to shiver)


–then after some couple more shots.. thank God i hit it again!

I guess the instructors did well in teaching and being an archer might be natural in me..wahahaha! This was such a teaser for me to try more and get addicted to it. Soon I moved my board backwards to reach the 10.5m target distance and I kept going.


Mike got really serious, look at the jaw-bite that would kill you!


Game face on!

This one was another dope day of an adventure for me. Thanks Mike for bringing me here and I’m looking forward for another session. We thought of bringing in some lifesize image of people as the target next time..lol..it’s time to kill!


Kodanda FB Page: facebook.com/KodandaArchery

Contact No : 621 9109


13 thoughts on ““He who has a bow” – The Kodanda Experience

  1. what a tremendous Adventure!

    thoroughly enjoyed your Archery experience.

    took us right back to England and lawns and sports day at boarding school.

    in a very good way we hasten to add.



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