The La Mesa Forest Reserve Bike Experience

MTB lamesadam 8

I have always mentioned in my previous entries about my penchant for the adventure of the outdoors. Few months after I have purchased Falcor (name for my Cannondale Trail 5), I have given myself some fair share of extreme biking, may it be on the busy roads of the metro or the thrill of the mountain sides.

So this day, April 14, 2013, my long wish to experience the path of La Mesa Forest Reserve was granted by Giant XC-CUP, MTB Marathon 2013.  My present company was a sponsor and I was one among the 5 provided slots who joined the event. We chose to be in the category of the 50km distance, a 12.5km with 4 laps.


Grabbed from here

At first I knew this was gonna be strenuous, and I expected that people joining are competitive. I wasn’t anxious though, I planned to take it easy and just ride with the crowd, being a curious kid of the team, I wasn’t planning to compete, and instead, I took it very light and just ride with enthusiasm.

MTB lamesadam 13

So we took off by the company truck with our bikes inside, when we arrived at the venue, a sea of bike buffs beheld in front of our eyes, together with their expensive suits, uniform and gear. This excites me because I know I wasn’t left behind by their looks. (I got my full Spyder gear with me..LOL)

MTB lamesadam 1

MTB lamesadam 2

Soon we headed to the starting line and took off together with hundreds of bikers. The track was extreme with some really steep downhill as well as some tough climbs. I love sliding down with the sound of screech and twigs breaking. Also not to mention the amazing views of the dam that appears in some parts of the trail.

MTB lamesadam 5 copy

MTB lamesadam 6


My buddies during the race were Francis and Richard, two among our group; Kuya Junior and JP (who placed 18th in the overall ranking) took off so fast. So it was the three of us who just played the game very light, we converted the race into a “bike in a park” kind of thing, and instead just enjoyed the forest and the scenery.

MTB lamesadam 7

It was funny that it seemed like that it was only the three of us taking photos in the middle of the race. As we bike a number of racers took ownership of the tracks, pedaling swiftly ahead of us. They were courteous though (most are single trails so we can’t be lingering around) and we were just amazed of their strengths and zeal of winning.

(few of my photography)

MTB lamesadam 12

MTB lamesadam 9MTB lamesadam 10MTB lamesadam 11

We didn’t expect that a 12.5km forest would be tideous on our part as the beginners, we stopped soon as we finished the first lap, yeah it was really funny. I didn’t get a single minute sleep the night before due to excitement, that’s why I easily got tired. I also had to work as a photographer to document this event for my companies internal use.

By the way, I enjoyed this experience a lot. In my situation as a “yuppy” (with my time preoccupied by work, family and stuff), joining an event like this doesn’t happen very often; so this was very much valued.

MTB lamesadam 4

I’m looking forward to coming back in this place with some close friends to ride with, something more on the leisure side with less energetic racers owning the tracks. You know what I mean.

MTB lamesadam 14

My company’s team, JP, Francis, Kuya Junior and Richard.

MTB lamesadam 3

Me, fanboying over Matteo Guidicelli

  See you around.  and thanks for the visit.


14 thoughts on “The La Mesa Forest Reserve Bike Experience

  1. Wow it’s look fantastic. Thanks for taking a look at my blog last night. Are you interested in mtbing in NZ – it’s amazing here?? Actually you can’t tell by my blog, but my husband is pinoy and we were actually in Philippines two years ago, but I didn’t see any mountain bikes! I’m looking forward to following your travels and let me know if you are ever in beautiful NZ and we can go biking!

    • thanks for commenting..i am fond of visiting other blogs to get inspired by some people of the same interest.. you should visit the philippines again.. tell your husband to go back, compared two years ago, bike enthusiasts increased because pinoys here are getting more interested with sport activities.. with all the events such as fun runs, dragonboat, duathlon, and football being held everywhere more often than before lik crazy!

    • I cant remember..this was almost 2 years ago..more than an hour maybe..the race required three laps to finish..we only did one..i wasnt there to race but to explore the dam..we only took a lot of photos..😊

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