The Style Stack

I was surprised upon this notification on my instagram, stating that my picture was featured on the “The Style Stack” website:

The deal is to put the hashtag #thestylestack on your instagram post; just be sure you flaunt yourself in a stylish manner. I didn’t expect the response would be this quick.



A printscreen to save the moment. 🙂

It felt overwhelming being in a row with some of the most trendy and classy individuals worldwide. FYI, the 3rd photo at the 3rd row to the lowest was my photo as well (the pair of gray brogue shoes with printed socks). I guess this might be a sign that I should do men’s style blogging as well.

Similar photos were in this post: Kiss the Red Scarf and the Purple Plaid

Do check out their site at ( they might replace the photos soon)


I checked the next day and they added another photo of mine.. (third to the right at the first row)



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