The La Union Weekend Day 2: Tackling the Waves


Next day after the “mind-nourishing” seminar, Karyl, Francis and I had great rest at this very creative lodging, the Circle Hostel, located at San Juan, La Union.





The concept is a big hut with a number of bunk beds inside that are next to each other. They also have this common area where tourist can just chill at the hammocks, read books and just lay their backs at the floor with some pillows ready for comfort. The ambience is very relaxing and welcoming.


Place is very affordable costing Php 400/head for beds and Php 300/head for hammocks in an overnight stay, that includes a decent comfort room with free toiletries, by the way, there’s free breakfast too. lol. They surround the place with colorful scribbles and doodles which I think was the owners’ idea and then followed by previous customers.



I just can’t stop admiring these doodles. A collection of people’s insight on surfing and basically the wonders of the beach life. i made a collage out of them.


Soon, we were taken by their jeepney transport as added service. The waves from the beach of San Juan, (where we were located) were not good for surfing during this day, so it was their initiative to transport us to another beach. It was the beach in Bacnotan where the waves are proper; and there we were after twenty minutes of jeepney ride.

surfing (1 of 1)

with Chat, Karyl’s friend that tagged along with us and Alex, a Canadian tourist that stayed with us at the hostel.



The sun was shining bright and we got to try the waves. I headed with my rented surfboard (costing P400 – 2hrs and P700 whole day) to give the waves of La Union some love. Again, I admired the experience of paddling against the waves,  the struggle to stand, and the ride with them. I was a little frustrated though; I only got few chance to stand compare when I was in Baler. (My Baler Adventure here)

surfing (1 of 1)

Maybe it was due to the waves that weren’t perfectly conditioned and I still need to learn more. By the way, it was just my second time surfing, so I know I really need to take more practice. surfing (1 of 1)-4

It wasn’t long til we found ourselves with new friends; the other lodgers of Circle Hostel. I like the fact that they like their customers to interact and make new friends.


surfing (1 of 1)-7

time to flaunt my tatts..


After we satisifed ourselves with our sun kissed skins, we headed soon back to the hostel in the afternoon to take a stroll at the beach in San Juan.

Here are some of my photography:







Here are night photos of the Circle Hostel, I really love this place.




The common area where lodgers can just relax, read books, etc. They also have free internet access and lockers.


Who wouldn’t be tempted to lay their backs at these hammocks.


Just relaxing in this bed of pillows.

The staff of the hostel allow customers to contribute to the doodles in the area. I knew I should use my artistic skills on this. So we made one as remembrance.



La Union, for me was also another place where the Filipinos can be proud of. Foreigners and local tourist can come to experience the waves, sunshine, food and the culture of the cool locals especially the surfers. See you on my next adventure!


Check their page:

Circle Hostel Facebook Page



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