The La Union Weekend Day 1: Thunderbird Resort

la union banner

January 26, 2013. My officemates, Karyl and Francis, were scheduled to attend this Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2013.  It aims to empower entrepreneurs, marketers, and advertisers to work with bloggers as brand advocates. It is also an ideal conference to encourage individuals in trying to become an influencer thru social media.

Learning that it would be held at Thunderbird Resort in La Union, I knew shouldn’t be left behind.  So, again, this was another adventure weekend for me.


We took a bus ride at the Partas Terminal in Cubao and it left around 11pm, the trip was fast when we arrived at San Fernando, La Union by 3:30am. Soon we looked for some inexpensive hotels to rest before we go to the seminar, and we found this Hotel Almira to spend the next few hours of the night. While we were looking for a place, I got this sense of being a traveller to an unknown land (it was my first time in La Union), and this gave me anticipation; thinking that I didn’t know what lies ahead of the horizon. We woke at around 8am , fixed ourselves and headed to this luxury resort of the country.



Thunderbird Resort as we all know, is patterned after the architectures in Santorini, Greece. I already have mentioned you before that I am a fan of the Greek culture and everything I see at this place was much to my delight.



Soon, the conference started and I was impressed as the topics were so relevant to my current job as well as to my personal blogging activities. It talks about the new media with all the fundamentals, theories and importance to our society nowadays.

As I listen to the talk, I got this sense of student-life again. I am a graduate of MassCommunications and the topic was somewhat where I came from. During my time of study, years before 2006, the training I got was for TriMedia: which are the TV, Print and Radio industry, as we all know; social networking sites were only blooming in the country during these years. This is beneficial for me because the teachings are refreshing; my knowledge in terms of communications/marketing and advertising is upgraded.


 The rudiments were all the same with theTriMedia; and that is to convey a message or information and “influence” a large scale of people. Only this time, it is more dynamic. Resource of information comes from the grass roots or every individual, and not coming from big networks. Blogging has changed the face of advertising, marketing as well as simply thru mass communication.

juana change

my favorite speaker for the day: Ms. Juana Change.  I love her! ( youtube: juanachange)

Some theories were also imparted by some of the credible personalities in the blogging community. They taught me how to become a brand influencer/advocate thru social media.  I find this very applicable to my current career, taking consideration that I also have ventured into blogging. I had this sense of status to the society for being a blogger, and it brings me closer to being a MassComm graduate. Being a graphic artist, I am a media practitioner, and now that I’m a blogger, I can now be proud of being a “new-media practitioner”.

Here are few photos I took during the stay.





We also took the chance to tour the vicinity as part of the seminar’s package; that includes a VIP accommodation at Fiesta Casino, where I tried to play Baccarat.



Some additional photos I took during the night:



pardon for the blur.. got no tripod.. lol

My fellow blogger Francis, worked his PR charms and mingled with the Thunderbird Marketing Staff, that’s why we had the chance to get inside of one of their villas.




This was another unforgettable experience for me and everything I learned today will always be relevant in my present career.

At night we went to this Circle Hostel at San Juan, a 20 min jeepney ride from San Fernando. I guess I’m gonna have to talked about that on my next entry..

Me, Karyl and Francis, my officemates and adventure buddies


Thunderbird Resorts:

FB: thunderbirdresorts

Twitter:  @tdrphilippines


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