Bicolandia Adventure Day 3: It’s Bittersweet in Oas, Albay


I left my daughter together with her mom this day at Naga, and I took off along with my brothers to visit our relatives in Oas, a two-hour trip from Naga. This is a touching moment because we were about to witness the ruins of the house of my late grandfather, which was brought down by the typhoon Juaning that struck weeks before we arrived.

IMG_4139 copy

The house where my aunt and uncle, together with his wife and kids live; was taken down by the river that grew immense, affecting the lot where it stood. It wiped not only the investments my late grandfather gave in his life; but also the memories I and my brothers treasure when we were visiting this place in our childhood. It was sad seeing them devastated and living in that situation.

IMG_4158 copy

Good thing, it wouldn’t be long because our family and relatives joined hands in rebuilding a new shelter and beginning for them. There is another lot owned by another relative that gave way for them to build a new house. Before they were just using it as sampaguita farm, but thru our help and support, this would be a new settlement for my uncle and my cousins (my aunt stays in Manila nowadays).



In front of the new house is a wide sampaguita farm which they harvest everyday, weave into necklace then sell to some distributors, an additional income for them.


Here are some amazing shots I took around the vicinity. I love this type of environment; the greenery, seclusion, and simplicity always give me that sense of relaxation. This place was different from Naga because it was a city, much like Manila, there were mall, restaurants, business areas and crowd. It was time to get in touch with nature; and of course, to appreciate the transcendent beauty of the Mayon Volcano.


Mayon Volcano, peeping thru the horizon of trees around 7am.



That’s brother Alexis. Amazing shot i got from these natural frame of trees.

IMG_4194  IMG_4152



I’m always a fan of wide field of


we’ve visited this small chapel, their town patron saint is San Roque.


Me and the Harry Potter stunt.


some old school camera trick.

  penafrancia (1 of 1)-4 copy



This is the flower they use as pendants on the sampaguita necklace. forgot its name.

penafrancia (1 of 1)-6

Some photo op with the magnificent Mayon.

Somehow, our simple experience in this hometown was enjoyable. We had good and simple time spending with my little cousins in their paradise.

penafrancia (1 of 1)-2

At night we enjoyed this simple dinner my aunt prepared for us, a native delicacy called Laing. We created a bonfire, sat in front of it and just had a good time.IMG_4355

IMG_4596 copy


It was rewarding seeing them rebuild a new beginning and witnessing this silver lining after the nightmare they had.

IMG_4651 copy

cwc (1 of 1)

We will always be family no matter how far the distance is. This is a great visit though we only got limited time.


4 thoughts on “Bicolandia Adventure Day 3: It’s Bittersweet in Oas, Albay

  1. Nice article and photos of a place I intimately know, Narcissus. I grew up in Oas and know the place quite well. I assume your grandpa’s place is Barangay Bongoran, situated along the Cabilogan River. Sampaguita is grown in this place and is a thriving industry this part of town (I wrote an article on sampaguita growing years back). Amidst the damage and desolateness caused by the typhoon, you were able to weave a balance between despair and hope/optimism as your images show. Congratulations for a nice article.

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