Bicolandia Adventure Day 1: The Wakeboarding Experience

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September 2011. My brothers and I, had the chance to take a 4 day trip to our beloved province Bicol. Roots of my dad are settled at that place as well as the relatives of my daughter’s mom. That’s why we tagged along to experience different places and just enjoy. Im posting a 5 part post about this adventure, 1 post each day to feature some of the best photos that I gathered and 1 with the video documentary for some funny scenes.

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Alright, it was dawn of Sept 19, 2011 when we arrived at the heart of Naga City, Camarines Sur. After we have familiarized ourselves with the place and the relatives there, It was not long enough till we found our excited asses at the  Camsur Watersport Complex. Of course, I will never let the chance of experiencing the thrill of wakeboarding just pass by.

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Watching some of the wakeboarders, it seemed so easy but when I had the chance to try myself, it was hell awful! I admit I was a loser on this..hahah.. All I did was the kneeling ride, which I thought was too entry level.

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At first, we tried it at the main lake for the pros, but soon it was embarrassing as people were watching as we stumble not far from the starting point. So we headed to this training side, where all the newbies gather and comfort each… Here, my brothers got their few seconds of standing and I was still left behind.. hahah.

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I hated Aljon for this.. he stood in no time!

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There I was…struggling!

Some more photos:

cwc (1 of 1)

cwc (1 of 1)-2

yannah was adorable on this shot.. she was almost two then.


alright. i gave this random guy his shot of fame.


Aljon being the extreme of all.. still got the energy to own the skate park.

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Aljon doing a 50-50..multishot rendered by me.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed this experience of Camsur.

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After CWC, we headed our way to SM Naga to eat some pizzas. And later that night, we took a stroll to check some amazing finds at the streets of Naga City.

penafrancia (1 of 1)








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