My Post-Apocalypse Tattoo

I have been thinking of having some tattoo since I was in high-school. I remember back then (as part of our art class on learning calligraphy), I was playing with speedballs and ink and pretended to be a tattoo artist; putting some tribal designs on my skin and my classmates. It was funny recalling it, thinking it was child’s play in my teenage days. Little did I know that some day in the future I’m really gonna try the real deal.



Every tattoo-enthusiast may have their tiniest to the biggest motivations in deciding what to mark on their skins to last a lifetime. I had the strongest urge to get one after I have realized that somehow, after all that I have been thru, carrying on and being strong is the best way to stay happy in living our lives.  This is a benchmark in my life wherein I stood up and just breathe out and laugh it all. I want to give myself some tribute stating that for once, I fell down, got hurt but still, I carried on.

Design and Inspiration.

tat 4

I am a fan of Miami Ink, LA Ink..and all “Places-Ink” there is  I may find. I love the lifestyle and the work they do every day. Plus, I was actually inspired by the song “Gonna Live My Life” by the Far East Movement. I’d like the lyrics stating the words: “I’m gonna live my life, no matter what we party tonight”. For me, it was a metaphor of staying happy whatever ordeal there is. I’d actually wanted to have the same words from the title because it’s an “in-your-face” statement for whoever is gonna mess with my life again. But it was f*cked that I realized that Justin Bieber was featured on that song. I don’t hate him, no big deal of his existence but I just want my tattoo to be all about me. So I decided to rephrase/ reword. Thus I came up with “Shall Live My Life”. And the words form into a cross to symbolize that I’m living this life with the virtue of our God and Jesus Christ. Cheesy isn’t it?..LOL! My friend told me to put an “I” in the beginning but I disagreed, it’ll looked too formal, I’d like it to appear as if it was just an abrupt expression.


I designed the tattoo myself. I want it to still look clean and minimalist. I used classic fonts to give that sacred appeal, as if it was encrypted on an ancient tablet. Strong pointed fonts helped to emphasize the shape of the cross. I finished the design in less than 20 minutes, fast because i already had the idea in my mind so the execution was easy; plus I want it to be spontaneous, I never wanted to linger in the design process because I know it’ll only give me more doubts in the end.

The Judgment Day

It was 12-12-12 when I originally desired to get devirginized in tattooing. But due to some reasons, I didn’t push thru on that day. So I moved it to December 22, 2012. It was a very remarkable day when the world was still continuing to revolve after that Mayan Prophecy.  BTW, I can honestly say that I have been a believer that something was going to happen on that day, I guess I’ve been watching too much History and National Geographic Channel. Going back, I chose this date because my tattoo goes along with the end of the world thingy.. it’s like me saying.. “Oh! ..and everything was just a hoax I shall live my life now..” LOL.

The Chosen Shop

tat 2

I originally planned to get tattoos from this renowned Philippine tattoo shop in Makati. And I was supposed to tag along with my Dutch friend on the same day. Too bad, on my way he called saying that he wouldn’t push thru because they failed to create his design; although we had ourselves scheduled days, even weeks before. He was so pissed.  So I decided not to push thru on that shop as my sympathy for him. But I was so eager to have it done on this date. I haven’t been gone far from my place when he called so I changed route going to the same shop at their other location, in Eastwood City, Libis; a lot nearer than Makati. But, to my despair, when I get there, I found out that they already shut the shop. I was a little nervous as the day nears to dusk.

tat 3

Good thing, my dear brother Aljon was with me all day to support. He told me he has this friend who owns a shop; he told me beforehand about that, I was just being picky. “Ok.” I thought of giving it a chance and leave everything to the Lord. And next thing, we were in The Stained Tattoo Shop in Pasig, not that famous yet good enough. The shop was new; even the exteriors were not yet fully furnished. Inside was just small but everything was decent and well maintained. “This is it.. finally doing it.” I expected myself to be nervous but after I have seen their instruments, the artworks inside, and the accommodating staff.. excitement was evident.

My brother Aljon who stood by me all along.. How sweet.

Shall Live My Life

Doing some WTF face!

So this is it dear readers, presenting you my first tattoo. BTW, let me tell you that orgasmic feeling during the process, it was awesome! The owner offered me a certain cream to lessen the pain by 50% but I refused, I want to get the maximum thrill of this experience. You can actually feel the shivers brought by the needle that slowly scatters to the whole body as goosebumps. You can feel like there’s waves in body that travels like massive tsunami from the point of the needle up to the toes! UUGHH! I swear! It was indeed orgasmic..LOL. Now I understand why some people covers their entire body with tattoos.

tatt (1 of 1)

with my tattoo artist Jonathan. He’s got some gentle hands touched by God..LOL

Always remember dear readers… After all of that bullshits in your life.. Living your life happily is the best revenge.


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