The Biker Transfiguration and the Tour of the Fireflies

I always have desired to purchase my own mountain bike to experience some adventure rides. After months of contemplation, I finally get to own one; A 29er, Cannondale Trail 5, with black, white and blue color combination! I am located at the edge of Pasig City wherein all sides exit to another city; we have direct access going to some high and low geographic points of Manila including Marikina, Taytay, Cainta,  San Mateo and Antipolo. So basically, I have a number of thrilling routes to choose from.

BTW, here he is, I present to you my handsome MTB; they say you give names to the things you get attached to, thus, I call him “FALCOR”. I got that name from that flying dog in the fantasy movie I’ve seen in my childhood, The Neverending Story…I’m such an 80’s baby!

My present company lately has encouraged us to engage ourselves in sport activities to somehow help us personify their brand’s objectives. Aside from the occasional sponsored events that we participated on, my colleagues set a weekly city night ride. Basically, this weekly rides around the city have trained my physique for this much awaited annual event, The 14th Tour of the Fireflies.

It is basically a “critical mass ride” event wherein some 10,000 – 15,000 riders bike together to promote: Bicycles as Environmentally Sustainable Transportation (BEST). It has been a tradition since 1999 and it is overwhelming how the participants expanded their number. This was my 2nd time to take part in the event and I was more excited because this time it was Falcor and me! Hahah!

The route was a 35km ride coming from Tiendesitas in Pasig City going to Marikina, Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong and back to Pasig.

Next are few of the photos we have taken as we take on the journey.

At the starting point at Tiendesitas, Pasig

Along C5 going to eastwood exiting to Marcos Highway

Me at the left as we pedal from Eastwood to Marikina

The exit going to Marcos Highway, there you see SM Marikina and the LRT2 Bridge.

Stop-over at Patio del Zapatero, Marikina

Amazing crowd behind.

Encountered this POWER RANGERS team along the road

At the Katipunan Ave. before turning left going to U.P.. There I was standing taking picture. LOL

GMA Network building, OTW to Timog Ave.

Approaching the showers at the endpoint.

The entire company team.. alot of my officemates participated in the event.

I can say that it was a fun ride seeing tons of people sharing one common interest. Also, pardon for the heavy traffic that we caused on that Sunday morning. Lol.  It was quite an experience and I’m definitely looking forward for the next tour as well as, for more adventures with my Falcor.


2 thoughts on “The Biker Transfiguration and the Tour of the Fireflies

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