Foster the People Live in Manila

There is a new vibe of music that engrosses into my listening sense; bringing me some constant eargasm. And that is brought about by a new favorite “indie” band, Foster the People. They send you those innovative beats with abysmal lyrics, making you just wanna lay your back and feel good about the music. It is unique and fresh, setting them apart from different bands of our time.

I honestly was never a heavy fan of a particular band since “The Calling”. I can say that I am a fan of a band, when I can listen to every song in the entire album; all day without getting sick of their music. I can relate to their music because whenever I feel down, stressed out or just bored, I set my playlist into Foster the People and then I’m back to a better mood.

I have always wanted them to come in Manila for at least a show. But, my wish was granted to its full extent when they set their foot for a concert on my BIRTHDAY! ! !  Soon as I found out on their FB page of the announcement; I knew I should change plans and head to this once in a lifetime event (FTP concert on my birthday..LOL)

I took my brother with me because I know he liked them as well after catching him listening to some of their songs; although he is more on the punk-rock genre. I took Upper A from reserved seat it was near enough.

Stage was designed with doodles which I also love as an artist.

Here is their set which made me party “Indie” Style. I swear I like of all of them!

  • Miss You
  • Life On The Nickel
  • Houdini
  • Broken Jaw
  • I Would Do Anything For You (my most favorite! ! ! )
  • Waste
  • Love
  • Call It What You Want
  • Don’t Stop(Color On The Walls)
  • Warrant
  • Helena Beat
  • Ruby
  • Pumped Up Kicks (I love the extended version, Araneta Coliseum was literally dancing.)

I have enjoyed the concert so much, I’m gonna remember this for the rest of my life.

“You guys got history. You guys got passion.” –Mark Foster

“You guys have [Manny] Pacquiao, the best boxer since Ali,”

 I swear I’m a big fan; Foster Kid as they say.

Photo Courtesy: -(I got poor phone pics.. 😛 )

GIF courtesy:


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