Baler Escapade Part 2: The Surf School

Working as a graphic and product designer in a sports company, its part of my job to embody the vision of the brand I’m working for.  Lately, I have been trying to involve myself to multi-sports (it caters the swim-bike-run sort of activities). Due to the demand of my present job, I have been exposed to these types of deeds that, I think, I’m trying to love as well.

By the way, Baler, as we all know, is one of the surfing capitals in the country. Working on a sport brand, with an officemate living in a surfing-cultured place, and an energetic circle of colleagues, I found this the perfect roll to take the opportunity to experience surfing.

So here goes, after the tiring, tight scheduled first day at Baler, this day we held as our downtime. And what do you expect with an eager beaver like me? Of course try the hell out of surfing. I was too excited that I woke early in the morning that Sunday (Sept 30, 2012).

After breakfast, we took our asses off to Sabang Beach, and went to this surfing school named; The Mahdox Surf Shop/School. They have this cute nipa hut with surfing stuff inside that’s good for extreme individuals. There are surfboards of different types, skateboards, some rash guards and accessories. They designed the exterior of the hut with some surfboards leaning on the yard. That I thought was very inviting for an enthusiast like me.

Aguiluz works there as an instructor, and he introduced us to some of his fellow surfing tutors. I got Errol as my instructor and soon we found our first lectures at the shore. They taught us the parts of the surfboard, basic positioning, standing and etc.

Soon we headed to the waves. At first I was a little nervous but more excited. Waves were cruel as Errol push me against them. He taught me the perfect timing when to stand. I was feeling at ease knowing I got a wingman with me.

And to my surprise, I stood in less than 5 attempts. The moment I stood up, I had this immediate connection with the waves. It’s as if they have their big arms hugging and welcoming me. Soon I found myself having a lot of successful shots and I felt really good for myself.

I tried wake boarding in the past. But I had a hard time standing up, all I did successfully was the kneeling ride, which I thought was too entry level. Lol. Surfing definitely welcomed me and I know this type of sport loves me back.

Here’s my good trainor Errol, a lucky 19 year old guy. Check out his specs compared to mine.. LOL! Also just wanna share you that I got myself some battle mark at my tummy. I stumbled out of the board and when i was about the reach it, another wave hit that turned the surfboard upside down; and as it turn, the board’s fin beneath hit my tummy going upwards. Good thing it didn’t move sideways or else I’m gonna cut some digestive organ. It didn’t hurt a lot though, maybe the adrenaline rush pushed my pain tolerance. I still thank God.

That bruise can’t stop me from enjoying this awesome sport. I am surely gonna try this again. Can’t wait for the next time that I’m returning.


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