Fantasy for Paloma

Paloma Esmeria, as we all know made a mark in the men’s magazine industry in the Philippines. I have known her for quite some time ; and I can say that she is one of my loyal clients. She likes to give me some raw photos from her shoots then lets me play with them.  Here are some of them that I have collected over the past years.  Theme for this is fantasy, which she loves the most. BTW, this type of is artwork can be classified into “Photomanipulation”.

Do check out her site at where you would find her in a different way, this time as a blogger that talks about fashion, lifestyle, reviews and etc.

Like her fanpage at  PalomaEsmeria

I don’t claim these photos as my own, just wanna share these artworks I have done.

Credits to these photographers :

Marlon Pecjo

Jay Tablante

Niccolo Cosme

Edward dela Cuesta

And also FHM Philippines, as well as  to the people that worked behind these productions.

(sorry if i forgot anyone from these photo set)


2 thoughts on “Fantasy for Paloma

  1. Thanks for checking out
    I’m trying to gain the expertise to add more graphics to my site.
    I do enjoy the fantasy photography

    • ah yeah..i’ve been browsing for surfing entries because i miss surfing already..thanks for commenting and if in case you need help on your graphic expertise, you can always find me on this blog.

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