About me.


My name is Aris. I’m the Creative Artist of a sports brand in Manila. My job is like grooming a person, I take care of the branding, the image and outlook, as well as the visual requirements when it comes to the marketing and advertising aspects.

Born under the sign of Libra, I can say that I manifest most common traits; love for the arts and pop culture, attention to details, balance in life, attachment to vanity  and etc. I love my job and I can truly say that I’m happy with my present career. Being a graphic artist makes me work and play simultaneously, and doing it everyday is fun indeed.


I’m the eldest of three boys. I’m a lover of the 90s; music, bands, food, games, old school gadgets, TV shows, name it! I can assure you, we’ll create a day of throwbacks.  I can tell you that I came from a Class B family, as a kid; my brothers and I took fair share of being treated as our parents’ gems.

We may notexperienced the luxury items other kids possessed back then but our parents gave us what we exactly needed in our growing years. Birthdays were celebrated every year and they occasionally shop for us with branded stuff those times, this is silly but I used to think we were rich when we were kids.  But of course, things were different back then. Image

My parents sent us to a catholic school,Our Lady of Perpetual Help School so to say, where I had the basic of education and proper mold of my values and Christianity. This is also a place where my primary talent in the arts was developed and flourished, I used to join some arts festivals and thankfully brought home some awards to my parents. My interest in writing and cartooning were also trained by some of my favorite teachers as I was part of “Perpetual Seekers”, the school paper. I can also mention that here is where I have found the long lasting, “bestest” friends in my lifetime.Image

As a teenager, I eventually mingled with different circles of friends; different crowd with different interests. I can say that I had a semi-conservative teenage years, I tried my best to focus on my priorities and avoided possible temptations that would ruin my future. But at the same time enjoyed the time of a man’s awakening so I will be hypocrite if I tell you that I didn’t experience some typical earthly-deeds. That’s why I told you it was “semi-conservative”.


My parents sent me to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta.Mesa, Manila; a state university populated with faces of real people reflecting the actual status of the Philippine economy. During the first years I questioned my parents why they sent me there, because honestly, I was culture shocked. I just mentioned that I came from a catholic school, where everyone is supposed to be prim and proper. This time it was different, there’s no room for the weak, timid and unwise. In time I learned to fit in, simultaneously appreciating the real world; learning how to fight, and be strong against everyday sh*ts.

My course was Bachelor of Broadcast Communication, major in Broadcasting. And talking about my course, you are probably wondering why I turned to graphic design and advertising. Well, the edge of studying MassComm in PUP is that they literally stand for the word “mass”. They want us to be flexible after college. They exposed us to multimedia: namely TV, Radio and the Print industry. They put in the curriculum some related courses like Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Graphic Designing, Creative Writing, by which were my favorite and excelled on. And so the rest is history.

Also, my teenage years were the time of the advent of talent shows, artista searches and modeling contests. It feels silly if I recall those days actually, but I also tried my luck on that field. As a result, I may not made it big or the usual stardom you guys might ever dreamed of, but I can say that I had my few stints on commercials, fashion shows, some movie and print advertising.

I know that I don’t have the great looks of a defined model or an overrated artista but what I aimed for was the experience. It’s not everyday that you make friends and mingle with good-looking and finely-bred people. I stopped for some time on that, thinking that it wasn’t for me for a lifetime; and I needed to prioritize others things.


Had a kid in 2009 and being a dad, I can truly apply the way I was raised and disciplined. My only daughter is named Yannah, who turned three this November 2012. Recalling the moment when I first saw her; when she was still in the nursery; I just stared on her face, watching her facial movements, yawn and cry, not noticing that I already spent an hour or so, just staring at her. It was an overwhelming feeling of transition.

Now, I am enjoying my time being a dad of a toddler, I see to it that I’m always there whenever she looks for me, and wants to be with me. I’m trying to pamper her with everything she needs, with proper discipline on the side. Because, I know, having the childhood I had, it is just a short time to ponder every moment of one’s innocence.

One day she’ll have her own set of friends, teenage issues and all, and I don’t think that it’s me who she wants to be with all the time. That’s why I’m gonna try my best to be the best father figure that I can be during her childhood. Because it is the time of the foundation of her well-being in the future..and I still continuously pray to God that I’d succeed on this.




I wanted to venture into blogging again, I mean “again” because I had tried this thing way back Friendster days. Remember blogs.friendster.com? I kinda remembered putting bits of my life and I had these avid readers from my university; that time was just a small demographic. I just stopped being in the limelight after i met my present ex-wife, she used to be jealous of everyone and kind of possessive.

Like most of you, I also experienced up and down bullsh*ts in life, and I had undergone months of depression. 0Only few months ago that I began to see colors in the world again, and I can say that I somehow recovered. This is one way of exhibiting myself being a stronger and a wiser person than I am before; and also to spend my time wisely and veer myself away from those haunting memories.


Aside from the desire to get in touch with my writing skills again, I wanted this blog to be my portfolio as a graphic designer.  I am planning to put some of my past artworks from different clients to showcase and share my talent. Hopefully I may inspire younger individuals (even older ones) to try graphic designing, photography and explore some possible new capabilities. Never be scared to try. So enjoy and please be kind to me…And I hope you will have a great time reading my posts..


13 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Hi Aris, what a wonderful bio page. You are an artist with words as well as visually. I loved that you said are after experiences and pampering your daughter with attention as well as discipline. Experiencing your story gave me an adventure. Well done.

  2. …and I did have a great time reading this post…I might read some more soon! Thanks for liking my wanderings 😀 I actually checked your page 2 weeks ago and had a good laugh with your tag line “It’s OK to be vain, as long as you have brain!” Hehehe!

    Goodluck on taking care of your pretty daughter. She’s just sooo cuttteeeeeee! Have fun in the blogging world Aris! 🙂


      • Thanks too! Maybe soon…there’s always a time for everything. I just started going places and climbing mountains..taking advantage of being young 😀

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